Officine Panerai follows the standards set forth by the Richemont Group's Board for Social Responsibility when forming its strategy for corporate social responsibility.

These are the Codes followed by Officine Panerai:


The definition of Corporate Social Responsibility given by the European Commission is responsibility for the impact each enterprise has on society. For Officine Panerai, Corporate Responsibility means, above all, consistency. Consistency with the brand's DNA and with the intrinsic values it expresses such as ethics, transparency, legality and the philosophy of the Richemont Group. This is why for Panerai, Corporate Responsibility starts with taking small concrete steps such as:

  1. The construction of a new zero-impact Manufacture and a related plan for alternative and more environmentally-friendly transport for all the employees who work there
  2. The changeover to FSC® certified paper for all printed materials such as catalogues, instruction booklets, special editorial projects and Press Office kits
  3. Constant attention to the conformity and related certifications of materials used in products destined for the market
  4. More frequent use of the web in order to reduce the quantity of printed materials, as in the case of the digital version of the catalogue which may be downloaded from the Officine Panerai official website
  5. The drawing-up of a manual promoting eco-friendly behaviour distributed to employees in order to focus their attention on issues such as energy saving and environmental sustainability
  6. The realisation of non-profit projects whose goal is to continue over time and have a genuine impact on the community


Officine Panerai, through the CSR policy of the Richemont group and its own code of ethics, has actively begun to:

  1. Progressively decrease the environmental impact of its manufacturing and commercial activity
  2. Educate its employees' and suppliers' about an eco-friendly lifestyle
  3. Support local and international non-profit associations, increasing real-world activity by seeking new non-profit projects to back