Between 2008 and 2012, Officine Panerai was a partner in celebrated South African explorer Mike Horn's most recent expedition: to sail around every continent aboard the Pangaea yacht, built from recycled materials and the latest in eco-sustainable technology.

The Pangaea expedition's objective was to bring international public awareness to the environmental decline of our planet and create a generation of young ambassadors standing for the preservation of nature and its resources.

This was made possible through the participation of groups of young explorers between the ages of 12 and 20. During various stages of the expedition, they were given the chance to spend time with Mike Horn on board the Pangaea and carry out activities beneficial to the Earth while learning to care for the environment and take responsibility for recycling, energy conservation and eco-sustainability.

Mike Horn and his "Young Explorers"operated under the expedition's motto of "Explore, Learn, Act", which expresses the project's philosophy – shared by Officine Panerai – to the fullest: it's no longer enough to just observe; it's time to act and give it our all.