In order to encourage Officine Panerai employees to lead, inside and outside the office, a more environmentally sustainable life, an internal committee responsible for CSR has been appointed with the task of drawing up a "best practices"document to be distributed to each employee.

A series of recommendations and suggestions was collected in the document "Guide to eco-friendly behaviour in the company", created with the dual purpose of informing and giving practical indications on how to behave in a more eco-friendly manner: print as little as possible and always shut down your computer before you leave the office, use public transport instead of your car for commuting to work, recycle as much as possible, do not use air conditioning with the windows open - these were just some of the suggestions contained in the document.


At the Officine Panerai offices, particular attention is paid to everyday acts:

  1. What gets printed and how it is printed: only strictly necessary documents are printed, with preference given to the exchange of files via email and the use of shared folders. Most of all, only official presentations are printed in colour and, where possible, always choosing double sided printing. Paper that can be printed on again is reused.
  2. What gets shipped and how it is shipped: given the high level of CO² emissions, the use of express couriers is carefully controlled.
  3. How and when to travel for work: the use of conference calls is preferred and travelling by air can be chosen only for very long distances. Where possible, Panerai suggests that its employees use trains rather than planes which produce much higher emissions of CO².