Explore thrilling new tunes and immerse yourself in a wave of change and innovation to empower your imagination.

Panerai is releasing a powerful new playlist as a statement of its pioneering spirit: emotionally-charged arrangements combine with blood-pumping songs to conceptualise that spirit and fuel the hustle.

Tune in to these edgily innovative tracks as they unleash their spitfire energy.

A compilation of remixes that bring a fresh, ultramodern twist to the genre. DJ sets, electronic vibes and harmonic sounds to make you really feel the innovative soul of the brand: a truly authentic experimental expertise that melds innovation and tradition.


Each new track is like an engine for the mind. The first is the masterful electronic composition, “Friends” by Solomun. Then, comes the powerful musical identity of the stirring “Between the buttons” by French 79 featuring ambient electronic vibes with an interesting story to tell. Lastly, the deep techno melody of “Sky and sand” by Paul Kalkbrenner brilliantly encapsulates the sound of freedom.


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Laboratorio di Idee


Straps Collection