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Pocket Watch 3 Days Oro Bianco - 50mm


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Technical details



"In the first decades of the twentieth century the Panerai Boutique was a point of referencefor those who were looking for a pocket watch, a fact witnessed by the Italian inscription “Pocket watches of the main Swiss brands” engraved on the glass window of the Boutique in Piazza San Giovanni in Florence. It was during the First World War that wristwatches began to spread gradually, transforming the pocket watch from a daily accessory to a rarity treasured by connoisseurs and collectors."


"Gold is a very dense metal, soft, highly ductile and malleable. The special alloys used by Officine Panerai are characterised by their great resistance and natural colour. The white gold alloy contains 15% Palladium (Pd) to give the desired white colour. To preserve the tonal characteristics typical of this type of gold, it is not rhodium plated."

P.3001/10 calibre

P.3001/10 calibre

The P.3001/10 calibre, designed and created at the Panerai Manufacture in Neuchâtel is a hand-wound movement characterised by hand-polished bevelling. The thickness of the calibre is 6.3 mm and the diameter is 16 ½ lignes, a substantial size which traces its origins to that of the movements which were fitted to the vintage Panerai models. The P.3001/10 calibre has different features: two barrels which guarantee 72 hours of power reserve, visible from the power reserve indication on the back, seconds reset and quick change of time. With this calibre the hour hand can be moved forwards and backwards in steps of exactly one hour. At the same time the date is adjusted accordingly. *The number of components, as well as the finish, varies according to the watch model and its calibre.

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Panerai watches are produced to very high standards of quality. It is worth remembering that the mechanical parts run 24 hours a day when used, so the watch must undergo regular maintenance to ensure long life and good operation.