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Guillaume Néry has just moved to Mo’orea, enraptured by the blue depths of Polynesia, looking for deep new challenges and a life focused on sport. 


To be able to go diving as soon as day breaks, he now lives in a house on the beach, which means he can go diving and quickly reach the coral reef, very often surrounded by the tropical animals that live on the Polynesian seabed. 

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Thanks to his passion, strength and confidence in his own abilities, Néry dives to depths that few people would be able to reach without using professional equipment. The natural landscapes that he sees seem more like surreal worlds. In 2014, prompted by a passion for deep diving, the Polynesians saw the depths of Rangiroa in a new way - it is where Néry shot the film Ocean Gravity, in which he seems to be running in zero gravity.



The Frenchman's days are punctuated by rigorous and intense training, with constant practice in breath-holding and swimming as well as crossfit, paddling and running. If he should decide to return to competing professionally, his physical preparation needs to remain at the highest levels. Néry's lifestyle is a continuous challenge for his body, with the natural elements that surround him. For him, practising free-diving goes beyond a normal sporting discipline.


“The freefall is amazing because you’re just free – you’re flying in the water.” - Guillaume Néry



The collaboration between Panerai and Néry arose from the strong connection of characteristics they both share: A passion for the sea and a fearless character. Néry, proud to be an ambassador for the Italian brand, says: “It represents my world. It has a strong relationship with the sea and my quest is discovering the sea, so I’m very proud to be part of this team.”


submersible chrono - GUILLAUME NÉRY EDITION

Panerai presents a new professional underwater watch able to face any challenge, above and under the sea level. Strong, audible and exceptionally resistant, the new Chronograph is inspired at Guillaume Néry, the French world champion of apnea internationally known for its records and its amazing submarine images.