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"I found that when you really commit to something you can achieve great things"

Academy Award for Best Documentary and seven Emmy Awards joined the ranks, as Panerai ambassador.

“Panerai is a brand that was developed for modern heroes and their adventures by providing innovative instruments, materials and design for that extreme lifestyle. The modern Panerai man is multi-faceted but above all, driven by an internal passion to create exceptional things, push limits, break records. Jimmy Chin has been pushing those boundaries throughout his career and embodies what it means to live an authentic Panerai life. We are excited to welcome Jimmy to the Panerai family,” said CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué.



Jimmy Chin is an Academy Award winning filmmaker, National Geographic photographer and mountain sports athlete known for his ability to capture extraordinary imagery and stories while climbing and skiing in extremely high-risk environments and expeditions.

In 2002, he secured a breakthrough assignment to be the cinematographer for a high-profile National Geographic–sponsored trek across Tibet’s Chang Tang Plateau. In 2006, he became one of the only people to ski off the summit of Mount Everest.

His 2015 film Meru won the coveted Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival and was on the 2016 Oscar shortlist for Best Documentary. Jimmy’s latest documentary Free Solo won a BAFTA and an Academy Award for best Documentary Feature in 2019.



The first collaboration between Panerai and Jimmy Chin led to the creation of a short film.

Deeply personal, the short film shows the audience that in order to go beyond to achieve greatness against incredible odds, you have to sometimes look back to where you have grounded yourself. A great life’s suggestion for everyone.

“Often as a professional climber, you are doing things that people might say or think is impossible, but I found that when you really commit to something you can achieve great things. I feel Panerai has the same mentality about their brand and their innovation which is what drew me to them. They strive to create the exceptional, which is a trait I need in my equipment. To me, watches represent your most precious commodity: Time – whether on a climb or in life, those moments can be the difference between success or failure,” explains Jimmy Chin.