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Panerai Nato Collection

Freshen up the look of your watch!

The New Panerai Nato Collection features simple, yet stylish, textile straps to personalize your Panerai watch.

The collection is Now available in the Panerai network.


Visit your nearest boutique or call our concierge to shop your favorite style.


The bracelets are made by a single textile piece with metal loops and a straight design.

The main part of the bracelet is looped behind the watch case and is secured by the metal loops.

Our Nato straps are waterproof and compatible with all our 44mm models.

Different bracelets, new style

Different bracelets, new style

The Panerai Nato bracelets will be available in 3 creativities in blue and black with strips to give the watches different colourful looks.



Each Nato bracelet option has the dedicated buckle included.