At Panerai, its pioneering spirit of excellence and tenacity extends beyond the realm of watchmaking; it applies to every endeavor the brand undertakes. Sustainability is the key element to which the brand strives at every level.


Panerai has steadily expanded its efforts to promote sustainable practices, both in its internal operations and through external outreach and educational initiatives.




Panerai Ecologico is the framework that embraces all the sustainability activities at Panerai categorized by five pillars:

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Crafting watches that fire the imagination is the cornerstone of the brand.

Panerai fulfills that objective through both sophisticated complications and the innovative materials applied within.




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As a brand whose legacy is inextricably connected to underwater exploration, improving the oceans’ health is critical to Panerai. That engagement with the state of the marine environment led to a partnership with IOC-UNESCO – the Intergovernmental

Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO - to develop the Ocean Literacy program, a component of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.




Code of Business Ethics

Environmental Code of Conduct

Suppliers Code of Conduct

Employee Code of Conduct