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Rubber Straps

Caoutchouc straps are high-tech products derived from natural rubber, which guarantees the best quality and a long durability. 


This makes it the ideal material for straps for sports activities with their invaluable technical properties such as waterresistance, form stability, skin-friendlyness combined with long-lasting comfort when worn. The caoutchouc straps are available in different designs and colours.


Thanks to the characteristic of this material, the rubber straps are particulary suited to the Submersible watches and to watch lovers who prefer timepieces with a more sportive look.


Panerai offers two different version of rubber straps, characterized by a different design.


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The Caoutchouc Logo straps are made with natural rubber with a clean and simple design, which is enriched by the Officine Panerai inscription.



The Caoutchouc Accordeon straps are made with natural rubber and are characterized by a special design linked to the sea and the diving word.

Thanks to the sportive design and to the elasticity of the material, the strap shrinks – due to the increase of the raise of the external pressure – allowing the watch to be more secure on the wrist and to better adapt on all type of scuba suits.