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Presenting the Never-Before-Published History of Panerai, from 1935–1997





Please note that by clicking on ‘Purchase Now’ link above you will leave the Panerai website and be redirected to the website of Lugs Edizioni srl. If you decide to buy the book(s), the transaction will be with Lugs Edizioni srl, not Panerai. Lugs Edizioni srl will manage all aspects of the purchase of the books.

Unbox 60 Years of Panerai Innovation and Evolution

Unbox 60 Years of Panerai Innovation and Evolution

Through two volumes of meticulously investigated, richly detailed research, this new publication offers those with an appreciation for design, invention, and history an opportunity to dive more deeply than ever imagined into the legacy of the Panerai brand. The only book of its kind, this limited-edition collection features testimonials from Panerai insiders, never-before-seen information collected from official Officine Panerai S.p.A. documents, and photographic representations illustrating this fruitful and groundbreaking period in watchmaking history.

The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

This comprehensive set is a must-have for any watch connoisseur, as it sheds new light on the remarkable world of Panerai. Precise and definitive, the publication gives readers unprecedented access to historical photos and documents and provides a complete understanding of seminal chapters in our history, including the chronology of both Panerai-Rolex and Panerai production from 1935–1997, at which time the company was acquired by the Richemont group. The Panerai Book was written by Loris Pasetto and includes contributions from Francesco Ferretti and Mario Paci. Photography by Luciano Cipullo.


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