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Panerai Heroes are extraordinary individuals who embody our core values of courage, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.
They are adventurers, environmentalists, and pioneers who not only excel in their respective fields but also inspire and lead with a deep commitment to making a meaningful impact on the world.
Each hero reflects Panerai's spirit of adventure and dedication to pushing boundaries.


Mike Horn

Celebrated explorer and Panerai ambassador for almost 20 years, Mike embodies the Maison’s values with his extraordinary adventures and resilience. His feats, from polar expeditions to high-altitude climbs without oxygen, reflect Panerai's spirit of daring and innovation, and in crafting reliable instruments to accompany Horn's quest to go beyond limits.


Jeremy Jauncey

An entrepreneur and advocate who embodies the values of Panerai through his commitment to adventure and environmental responsibility, while striving for innovative, world-bettering solutions.
As the CEO of Beautiful Destinations, he champions sustainable travel practices, aligning with Panerai's core beliefs.


Leonardo Fioravanti

Internationally acclaimed Italian surfing champion Leonardo stands out for his exceptional talent, unbreakable determination, and risk-taking ambition. A key figure in the sport, he's celebrated for his victories in prestigious competitions, including the Sydney Surf Pro 2020. Sharing mutual values of excellence and a love for the sea with Panerai, his journey inspires and influences the new generation of surfers and athletes.


Marlon du Toit

With experiences across 11 countries and 40 national parks, the celebrated wildlife photographer and safari guide combines adventure with a strong conservation message. A life spent in pursuit of exploration and adventure, Marlon aligns with Panerai's ethos of embracing challenges and advocating for awareness and protection of natural heritage.


Kauli Vaast

A three-time European WSL Junior Champion and Vice World Champion in team surfing ISA 2023, at 22 years old Kauli is a force of nature for his young talent and daring courage.
Embodying Polynesian rawness and French sophistication, Kauli’s diverse heritage permeates through his commitment to surfing greatness, uncompromising performance and profound bond with the water realm, blending with the spirit of Panerai.