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Rubber verde militare

Inspired by the color of Italian military uniforms, the rubber verde militare watch strap conveys the strength and power of the Panerai Submersible GoldtechTM OroCarbo. Its Caoutchouc strap guarantees the best quality and long durability. Composed of innovative, high-performance materials, the strap is the perfect partner for any extreme endeavor thanks to its invaluable technical properties such as water-resistance, shape stability, skin-friendliness combined with long-lasting comfort when worn.


Recycled PET nero

Panerai is committed to promoting the well-being of the sea. The Recycled PET strap, with its strong and resistant material derived from recycled plastic bottles designed to minimize the environmental impact. Obtained from recycled plastic bottles collected before entering the Mediterranean Sea, the strap truly reflects a sustainable commitment as even expressed through its stitching made from recycled PET, whereas the lining is made from recycled microfiber.


Cuoio nero

The elegance of the cuoio strap makes the Panerai Submersible GoldtechTM OroCarbo an avatar of Italian boldness and finesse. The crisp lines and the undeniable strength of this strap give it a timeless beauty.


Cuoio patina nero

The subtle nuances apparent in the cuoio patina nero strap are the result of a complex manual process requiring different techniques for coloring and bleaching leather achieved through the application of essential oils, pigments and dyes; the process has been perfected by experienced Italian artisans.

This strap endows the Submersible GoldtechTM OroCarbo with an additional touch of elegance and integrity.


Alligator espresso

An alligator espresso strap is the perfect companion for this iconic watch and a prime example of pure Italian refinement. The alligator skin, in its espresso colored version, represents classic beauty in keeping with the profile of the Panerai Submersible GoldtechTM OroCarbo.



Alligator nero

The ultimate embodiment of extreme elegance, the alligator nero strap represents the tradition of fine leathers with strong personality. It is a true celebration of authentic Italian elegance. The alligator strap combines highest quality and technical standards. Indeed the  leather used by Panerai comes from suppliers in Louisiana, U.S.A. which contribute to guarantee the stable growth of wild alligators of which the brand only selects premium alligator skin, treated with a traditional manual method which conveys to the strap a unique look over the time.



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