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Panerai announces the opening of its K11 flagship boutique in Shanghai.


Situated on the flourishing Middle Huaihai Road, the new boutique, is the brand’s largest store in China mainland.


Compared to all the other Panerai boutiques, K11 flagship is unique for its external façade covering approximately 300m2. Vigorous ocean waves emerge from panels of undulating aluminum, on which a giant wall clock with a diameter of about 5 meters provides a large-scale version of Panerai’s legendary dial, making it the biggest among the brand’s boutiques around the world.


On the black dial are the hour hand, minute hand and numbers in Panerai’s iconic luminous green. Colors of high contrast make the time clear and readable, even looking from distance, representing the brand’s distinctive characteristics.


The concept of the design and materials used respects Panerai’s Italian tradition and stands as a clear reference to the underwater universe. The use of veined Italian marble “calacatta luccicoso”, burnished brass, bronze and a special “reeded” glass, undulating and transparent, reinterprets the technical codes of the watchmaker.


The boutique’s internal decoration perfectly expresses the brand’s tradition and aesthetics. Inspired by the iconic LUMINOR case, bridge and color of luminous green, there is a specially designed semi-open watchmaker’s room inside the boutique.


Thanks to the giant looking glass on the wall, watch enthusiasts can get a closer look to Panerai’s exquisite watchmaking technology and expertise, while the two VIP areas, a resting space and a separate VIP room, provide consumers with luxurious and exclusive shopping environments.


With the recent international openings in Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, Panerai now has 85 boutiques throughout the world.


See boutique details here: Shanghay K11 Panerai Boutique