Find Eilean in Mahon from August 25th to August 28th..







The signature on the design drawings for Eilean is that of William Fife III, one of the most legendary yacht builders in the history of sailing. The buyers and first owners of Eilean were the brothers James V. and Robert W. Fulton of Greenock, members of the Royal Gourock Yacht Club. Both were involved in the manufacture and processing of the iron used in the construction of wooden boats and they sailed this yacht along the west coast of Scotland. The name of the Fife and Son Shipyard is still associated with the almost “magical” quality that comes from the ability to combine brilliance and elegance in design with remarkable craftsmanship.



For a good sailor, navigation means knowing which course to follow. It is not enough to know the wind and the coordinates of the voyage: time too is a crucial factor in determining a boat’s position at sea. “The sea never changes and its works, for all the talk of men, are wrapped in mystery”, wrote Joseph Conrad. It is this mystery that since antiquity has made the sea so loved and feared, so respected and so often challenged .


To celebrate the return of Eilean to sea, Officine Panerai has created a unique edition of navigation instruments: a barometer, hygrometer, thermometer and a wall clock, all made of stainless steel and customized with the Eilean logo. It has also created an exclusive edition of the Marine Chronometer. This has a suspension system which enables the clock to remain in a horizontal position at all times, regardless of the pitching and rolling of the boat.