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Extreme performance.

The Officine Panerai collections offer a remarkable breadth of choice in terms of innovative materials and high-performance technology: a selection which is among the widest in the field of luxury sport watches, enhanced every year through the research and experimental work carried out by the Laboratorio di Idee within the Manufacture in Neuchâtel.

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A new world preview from the Panerai Laboratorio di Idee: the first mechanical watch case made of BMG-TECH™, a metallic glass with excellent characteristics of strength and durability which enable it to preserve its appearance over time. The secret of this material lies not so much in its appearance, similar to that of titanium but darker grey in colour, as in its atomic structure, which provides a range of very useful qualities for an underwater watch: extreme resistance to wear, high strength and great lightness.



Carbotech™ is a composite material based on carbon fibre. Providing exceptional technical performance, carbotech has an uneven, matt black appearance, which varies according to the cutting of the material, giving each watch a unique character.



The ceramica used by  Panerai is a synthetic ceramic based on Zirconium Oxide powder. Through a complex series of working and finishing operations, it acquires a particularly even matt finish and provides the characteristics of hardness (up to five times harder than stainless steel)