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The alligator leather used by Officine Panerai comes from farms in Louisiana, U.S.A. Officine Panerai’s suppliers have committed to the highest standards of responsibility in accordance with the CITES agreement and have given their assurance that such farms in Louisiana contribute to the stable growth of wild alligators, thus protecting this endangered species.


For the alligator straps, Officine Panerai uses the skin-parts with the most even square-scale pattern (TEC = Toutes Écailles Carrées), which are taken from the head, the belly and parts of the tail of the animal. For this reason about 4 to 5 straps can be cut out of one skin on average and it takes up to 80 steps partially carried out by hand to produce an alligator strap.


The skin of the Louisiana Alligator is obtained by making use of the so called “back cut” method, where the skin is cut open at the back and can be fully utilized. The skin shows a characteristic structure with rectangular scales in the area of the belly, tail and head, whereas the side part, the so called flanks, show round scales.


Alligator skin is among the most precious leather types and has become one of the most sought-after materials within the luxury industry. Alligator straps combine quality, simplicity and the highest technical standards.


This specially selected leather is obtained from the parts of the alligator where the smoothest and most evenly shaped scales are found. Their regular, yet still individual, size and shape give the straps a unique look.

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The traditional semi-matte alligator straps come from premium, aniline dyed, dry Louisiana alligator skin,

treated with a traditional manual method that creates a smooth and soft matt surface, through a laborious

procedure by means of brushes, which also gives the straps a natural two-tone effect.


With the passing of time, the alligator leather develops a beautiful patina and the leather becomes more

luscious. The Officine Panerai alligator straps are available in a wide choice of models and colours, making them suitable for all occasions



The shiny Alligator straps are characterized by fascinating brilliant shine. This shine is achieved by

polishing the alligator skin by hand with an agate stone. The extraordinary brillance gives this strap its the

unique elegance and noblesse. The shiny alligator straps are available in a wide choice of colours and are

particularly popular with women clients.



Nubuck Alligator is a manually refined leather with a smooth and velvety touch, obtained through a

grinding process that opens the pores of the leather, giving it its the characteristic and elegant appearance.

During wear, the material develops a beautiful patina and becomes an individual and unique strap.