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Straps and Bracelets



The Technical Know-How Behind Panerai Straps

The technical research underlying every stage of a Panerai watch production is matched by the equal care and attention given to designing accessories.

The reliability over time of Panerai straps is ensured through the selection of high-quality materials and rigorous production and quality control processes.

Creating a Panerai strap involves about forty stages, each performed by highly skilled craftsmen. Before production begins, sample straps undergo a series of performance tests using simulators that replicate years of use. These tests assess resistance to traction and torsion, friction, sweat, humidity, and UV rays.

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Panerai Straps Novelties

Panerai rubber straps provide high quality and durability, making the new colored assortment perfect for warm days.

These straps boast important technical properties such as water resistance, shape stability, and skin-friendliness, ensuring long-lasting comfort.

Designed to enhance any Luminor 44mm watch, these new straps are ideal for watch enthusiasts who prefer a sportier look. 

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Find suitable Accessories for your watch or find replacements.

Provide your Collection and watch Diameter or type in your Reference Number to find suitable accessories that you can filter to find exactly what you need.

Panerai Straps Pam Click

Remove and replace your strap in a split second

Panerai’s PAM Click Release System™ allows you to change the look of your watch in seconds, offering versatility and making the Luminor Due a must-have for every occasion.

With PAM Click™, straps can be replaced without any additional tools. Simply apply pressure to the button on the back of the strap near the attachment, making it easy to hook and release the strap from the case.
Discover All The Pam Click Straps
Panerai Straps Technique

Find the correct strap size for your watch

Depending on the case size and buckle width, Panerai watches feature different taper indications.

This information is essentially useful for identifying the correct strap to match the watch.

How To Find Your Size