Submersible 42MM Made with Goldtech™

A gleaming addition to the Submersible collection

There’s a new gold standard in watch-making: the just-released Submersible 42MM in Goldtech™. A confluence of style, sophistication, and strength, this radiant timepiece is the paradigm of modern luxury.


Modern Engineering, Classic Elegance

Unlike standard gold, Panerai Goldtech™ is made with a percentage of copper that imbues the material with a rich and intense red hue—one that is both strikingly modern and uniquely timeless. This exquisite metal also contains platinum, which prevents the material from oxidizing, thus extending the lifetime of the watch.


An Illustrious History

Panerai timepieces are inspired by military history and crafted for today’s toughest and most fearless cavaliers. The latest Submersible 42MM, made with Goldtech™ as durable as military-grade diving equipment—continues our rich tradition of crafting the most rugged watches on the market.