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“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough".


Mike Horn is not only the greatest living explorer, but he is also undoubtedly a contemporary hero. His strength goes far beyond his physical abilities. To travel towards the North Pole in the most complete darkness of winter or to climb peaks of 8,000 metres without oxygen assistance are challenges to his physical and mental endurance.


His challenges as a professional explorer can only partly describe Mike's true character. Instead of asking himself why he should undertake an adventure, Mike prefers to ask himself why he should not. He is only interested in what he can do, not in what he cannot do. He believes that by really opening one's eyes to the world, everyone can find a great opportunity to turn their dreams into reality. 

Strong, courageous and determined, Mike Horn is the perfect incarnation of a sportsman, one who shares the values of Panerai, whose Ambassador he has been for more than 15 years. With him, Panerai has shared in the excitement of his last four expeditions – Arktos, the North Pole Winter Expedition, Pangaea and Pole2Pole – supporting his incredible challenges and creating for him a series of watches in limited editions which have immediately become cult objects.

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“If a man is motivated by an idea, the impossible doesn’t exist anymore.”


“Get up, find the light, and start moving forward as soon as you possibly can.”


“You don't become an explorer. You're born one.”


"Your will to win must be stronger than your fear of losing.”