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“Pangaea – Ancient Greek word meaning the world as it once was 250 million years ago before the continents separated - the super continent before it was inhabited by man.” Mike Horn’s dream is to provoke a movement and try to return the world to its ‘original’ state, a pure untouched land, safe for all beings to live.



Starting from the significantly named Cape Horn in South America, Mike Horn will start off on his biggest project ever, a four year circumnavigation around the world via the North Pole and the South Pole, sailing all the oceans and crossing every continent.


Not only will this project incorporate many different challenges for Mike but it will also be an educational and environmental project that will reach out to the young adults of today.


“I want the world to join me and actively start participating in the clean-up and protection of our planet and its resources.” -Mike Horn



The world contains countless treasures that remain undiscovered. Mike Horn would like to divulge these treasures to the rest of the world. Each treasure will represent one of the planets natural resources; air, ice, deserts, jungles, oceans, rivers and mountains.


Starting in Sept 2008 from Cape Horn, the southernmost point of South America, Mike will travel around the

world and explore regions relatively unknown to man.


He will discover the beauty of the planet’s resources and

share with the rest of the world his experiences as he crosses through each of the planet’s elements.


Progression over the North Pole and the continental land masses will be made through walking, skiing,

swimming, kayaking, sailing, cycling, and with the occasional aid of the local animals.



Throughout this four year expedition around the world, an educational-environmental program for young adults has been developed with the idea of conserving the planet’s treasures for our future generations.


During different stages throughout this expedition, groups of young adults from each continent throughout the

world will visit Mike, spending 10 – 14 days with him.

Together with Mike Horn, these young adults will

explore various regions of the planet, discovering the beauty, learning about the flora and the fauna, the

cultures and inhabitants of each region.


Working alongside specialists, such as those from the University of Washington, young adults will participate in

research projects, study ecosystems, learn about important environmental issues that concern the world today,

discover ways to protect the environment and most importantly will participate in various clean-up projects in

an attempt to conserve the planet and its treasures.

It is time for words to turn into action…..



Mike Horn’s course around the world will be the red line where environmental projects will take place.

These projects aim to eliminate the impact of the human footprint that is currently destroying the planet and

its treasures.


Water Projects - Improving water quality, cleaning oceans, coastlines and water sources, water filtering, etc


Biodiversity Projects - The conservation and re-installation of ecosystems such as coral reefs and forests.


Social-Community Projects - Aiding the transportation of water into villages, implement improvement of

sanitary and hygiene areas, distribution of malaria nets, medication, food, clothing etc.



One hundred and forty four young adults from six different continents have been carefully selected to join Mike on

the terrain during his stay in regions which are relatively easily accessable and present no harm or danger to the youngsters.


The young adults have then been assessed for their physical and psychological aptitude as well as their

ability to co-operate with other people, integration within a group, team leadership etc.

After one week of careful assessment twelve of the twenty young adults have been selected to meet with Mike at a specific stage during the four years of the Pangaea Project.


Keeping in mind the theme EXPLORE - LEARN – ACT, these youngsters had the chance to discover the beauty of the planet and learn about the flora, fauna, cultures and traditions of each region. They discovered the importance of nature and its elements, learnt about important global issues, re-installed natural habitats and participated in various important clean-up projects, making the world a better place to live in.



“Initiating the CLEAN - UP of the planet where we can all participate!”

-Mike Horn