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Panerai offers a selection of metal bracelets available in different materials and designs. Each metal bracelet has been designed to perfectly fit the case of the watch and to guarantee perfect interchangeability between leather, rubber and metal bracelet.

The Panerai metal bracelet can fit only on Luminor and Luminor 1950. Furthermore, because of the different design and construction, not all the metal bracelet are suitable with each case.

To identify the corresponding bracelet reference suitable with each case please refers to the case number ofthe watch* (Luminor or Luminor 1950 only).

The metal bracelets are available in AISI 316L steel and titanium with different finishing.


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The first exclusive Panerai metal bracelet it was conceived in such a way that enables different metals (stainless steel and titanium) to be combined in the same link and allows to obtain a superb level of finishing. The two pieces making up the bracelet link are fixed to another with titanium screws. However, the construction of the metal bracelet executed in titanium has no screws. The links outline reminds to the design of the “bridge” shape of the protecting crown device.


This bracelet has been designed not only to enhance the aesthetic value of the watch, but also above all to blend more harmoniously with the case. It is so naturally integrated with the case that it appears to be a perfect extension of it.

The links are asymmetrical and formed with a double-curved surface, so that the bracelet is not only pleasant to the touch, but also very comfortable to wear. The links have a brushed finish, but at the points of contact, the steel has been mirror-polished, to provide a contrasting finish similar to that of the caseband and the bezel.


Inspired by the metal bracelet design of the late ’90, the new design represents the perfect evolution of the two previous development. The design has been conceived to enhance the aesthetic of the watch. The result is a lighter bracelet, developed without screws and harmoniously integrated with the case.

The finishing perfectly match that of the case: brushed steel middle case with polished bezel. The links of the bracelet remind the bridge, the iconic device protecting the crown of Luminor watches, and they are personalized with Officine Panerai logo engraved.