Financing Your Dream Watch with Panerai

Financing Your Dream Watch with Panerai

Owning your dream Panerai is now easier than ever with our watch financing option. Obtainable on both website and in-boutique purchases, Panerai financing is available for clients in both the US and UK.


Qualified US purchasers may opt to finance through Affirm. Maximum purchase price is $25,000. No deposit required.


We are pleased to offer V12 financing to our clients in the UK. Qualified purchasers will need to put down a 10%deposit. Watch value may range from 2,000–50,000GBP.


Moreover, in all our Boutiques in Dubai, our resident clients can opt to finance through Emirates NBD Bank, by choosing among 3 different options of instalments plan with 0 interest rate: 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.


Check for Affirm or V12 CTA directly in our Website’s Watch Product Page to perform your e-commerce purchase. (See examples below)