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Casa Panerai lands in Paris

We are excited to welcome visitors to our newest Casa Panerai in Paris at 120 Avenue de Champs Elysees, enhancing our presence in the French capital. Located in a historical building from 1862, the store is our largest in France, extending over 200 sqm. The store's design is not just a renovation but a meticulous restoration, thoughtfully combining the historical charm with modern elements. This fusion creates a space that honors its past while embracing the present.


A place where clients and enthusiasts can immerse themselves in our world, the store is designed to be a home away from home, where every visitor becomes part of our story, enveloped in an atmosphere that marries tradition with innovation. The store's restored features and design elements offer a vibrant space for interactions and learning about our heritage.


In a distinctive approach, our display windows are clear of products to encourage exploration and discovery. From the moment clients step in, they receive personalized attention, guiding them through an experiential journey in one of five exclusive suites. These areas include a section tailored for VIP clients, with elegant décor inspired by the sea, and a heritage area for those interested in our rich past, showcasing historical timepieces and significant milestones.


The journey through our store includes a visual storytelling element with frames of vintage patents and advertisements along the staircase, leading to a museum section on the first floor. This special area exhibits our most historical collection pieces, tracing our journey from the early days to the present.


To mark the opening of this significant location, we have introduced a special edition watch, PAM01364, part of the Radiomir Annual Calendar collection with a green-shaded dial.