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Eilean, the 22-meter Bermudian ketch, was crafted in 1936 by the renowned Scottish shipyard Fife of Fairlie.
After decades of adventures at sea, she was rediscovered in a deteriorated state in Antigua in 2006.
Recognizing her potential, Panerai embarked on an ambitious journey to restore her to her former glory.
By 2009, Eilean was relaunched, her distinctive lines and historical materials carefully preserved to showcase her original splendour.
Today, Eilean sails once again, a symbol of Panerai's maritime heritage and bond with the sea.
With the Maison, she graces the waters capturing the hearts of sea lovers and watch aficionados worldwide. 


Eilean’s waterlines and Bermudian ketch sail plan are the starring elements of her aesthetics.
Her two masts hold a triangular sail, and her composite structure features Burmese teak planking supported by a zinc-plated metal skeleton.
Her elegant design has sailed the Atlantic 36 times and even appeared in Duran Duran's 'Rio' video.


Over two and a half years, craftsmen at the Francesco Del Carlo boatyard restored Eilean to its grandeur.
The hull’s original Burmese teak planking was salvaged, and the zinc-plated metal framework was preserved.
Fife’s iconic dragons were carved back onto the hull, while original features like the teak cockpit and bronze gear were precisely revived. 


Eilean will sail the Mediterranean, stopping at the most stunning coastal spots in Italy, France, and Spain, culminating in Barcelona for the America’s Cup.
Guests will enjoy a day at sea on our ‘moving address,’ immersing themselves in Panerai’s collections amidst a setting that embodies the Maison’s maritime heritage. 


In 2022, an immersive journey aboard Eilean unfolded along Italy's Amalfi coast.
Participants indulged in its coastal charm with luxury stays, historic fine dining, discovering the most secluded Italian hidden gems such as the private Li Galli island.
An experience that epitomizes Panerai’s bond with Italian creativity and heritage