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Rubber verde militare

The Luminor Marina Tutto Grigio, with its Verde Militare rubber strap, represents the connection Panerai maintains to its military origins.  The innovative, high-performance quality and durability of the rubber strap makes it an excellent partner to the Luminor Marina Tutto Grigio in any demanding endeavor.  


Canvas Verde Militare

Thanks to its painstaking construction the Canvas Verde Militare strap is able to withstand any extreme adventure. The comfort of the strap guarantees the Luminor Marina Tutto Grigio will stand up to the most treacherous conditions.



Recycled PET Verde

Panerai is committed to safeguarding the sea. The Recycled PET strap, with its strong and resistant material derived from recycled plastic bottles, has minimal environmental impact. Composed of recycled plastic bottles that were collected before reaching the Mediterranean Sea, the strap reflects true dedication to sustainable practices. That commitment also is evident in the stitching, made from recycled PET, and lining, which is made with recycled microfiber.


Cuoio Nero

The elegant Cuoio strap is an essential element of Italian audacity that the Luminor Marina Tutto Grigio possesses. The defined lines and incomparable strength of this strap endow it with enduring power.


Alligator nero

The Alligator Nero strap is the perfect accessory for an iconic watch.  Alligator skin in deepest black epitomizes timeless Italian beauty and is the ideal companion for the elegance of the Luminor Marina Tutto Grigio.



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