Radiomir: Edizione Verde Militare

A modern meditation on a Panerai classic

Uniquely monochromatic and unmistakably Panerai, the new green-dial Radiomir models offer a fresh take on one of our most dynamic timepieces. Available in four distinctive interpretations—each with changeable strap options—these matte-green watches convey strength, style, and military-grade toughness.


A Rich History of Color

Imbued with military history, matte-green has long been synonymous with protection, camouflage, and unmatched versatility. For these reasons, Panerai has issued four new military-green editions: the Radiomir 45 MM; the Radiomir GMT 45 MM; the Radiomir GMT Power Reserve 45 MM; and the Radiomir 48 MM.


Power and Precision Come Standard

Each a testament to fine Italian craftsmanship, these decidedly timeless editions are crafted in aged steel and feature iconic California dials that combine both Roman and Arabic numerals. Our new Radiomir styles offer up a vintage-inspired look, yet are the product of the most cutting-edge engineering, a hallmark of the Panerai name.