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News und Events

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Triennale Design Week 2018 Light In The Darkness



At the 57th edition of the Milan Design Week, Officine Panerai is exhibiting for the first time in Italy, Candela, the work created by three multi-disciplined British talents working together: the designer Felix de Pass, the graphic designer Michael Montgomery and the ceramicist Ian McIntyre.


Previously presented at the world-famous Victoria & Albert Museum on the occasion of the London Design Festival, Candela is being exhibited from 17 to 22 April at La Triennale di Milano within ‘Light in the Darkness’, the installation which offers a new view of the concept of time and light, summarising all the values intrinsic to Panerai: design as both a vocation and as an element of research and innovation, time and its continuous flow, and the luminescence which has been a feature Panerai watches since the beginning, responding to the demands of the commandos of the Royal Italian Navy.


It is an immersion into the darkest depths which articulates the imaginary journey towards the shimmering of Candela, the name is that of scientific unit measuring luminous intensity.


The installation consists of a slowly rotating circular framework suspended above the gallery floor. With the passage of time, the disc passes through a concentrated discharge of light which causes it to emit a glow which fades little by little, until it disappears altogether. All this is possible through the marriage of analogue and digital technologies using materia ls with light-creating properties.


In the field of high quality watchmaking, Panerai timepieces stand out for the undisputed incisiveness of their design. Designed in the 1930s and 1940s as military diver’s watches, they are incredibly solid and robust, and every detail is perfectly formed to carry out the task for which it was designed. The functionality and pure lines which distinguish Panerai models have enabled the House to establish its watches as icons of inter national high quality watchmaking.