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The detailed technical and aesthetic research which marks every step of the creation of a Panerai watch has been constantly accompanied by an equivalent research for the accessories. Panerai proposes to its clients an exclusive selection of high quality accessories as a way to personalize and care for their watches. The Panerai accessories assortement includes leather straps, metal bracelets and buckles.


The Panerai straps and metal bracelets are perfectly integrated into the structure of the case and their flexibility and resistance contribute to the overall quality of the watch, as an integral part of it. Panerai straps are faithful to the codes of the Brand, and in that they are a perfect blend of essential design, sporting character and high technical quality with strong water and scratch resistant properties.


Officine Panerai uses first quality raw materials and the production technology is constantly improved to give the best individual wearing comfort conditions.


Panerai does not use skins coming from fragile or endangered species taken from the wild, in compliance with the CITES regulation.

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