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Casa Panerai, 711 Madison Ave - New York , UNITED STATES
Phone: (212) 223-1562
now opening
opening hours
週一 上午10:00 — 下午6:00
週二 上午10:00 — 下午6:00
週三 上午10:00 — 下午6:00
週四 上午10:00 — 下午6:00
週五 上午10:00 — 下午6:00
週六 上午10:00 — 下午6:00
special openings
days closed
Distance: Km
Panerai strengthens its presence in the heart of New York with a brand-new Madison Avenue boutique, its largest in the world, reflecting the vitality and strength of the dynamic city’s streetscape. Right in the lively centre of one of the most prominent global destinations for luxury shopping, Casa Panerai takes place, offering clients an unparalleled experience where Swiss watchmaking meets the Italian spirit. Home to an extensive collection of watches, both historical and contemporary, the store welcomes clients with elements visible from the sidewalk, an LED screen displaying captivating images that convey the brand’s connection to the marine realm and its spirit of adventure, and a larger-than-life iconic luminous green wall clock. Inside, an immersive timeline spanning nearly 30 feet along an original exposed brick wall highlights significant milestones of the Maison’s history in a multidimensional exhibition with materials including reproductions of original mechanisms, copies of patents and certifications and interactive models. Approachability and accessibility are cornerstones of the boutique, encouraging clients to feel at ease, move through the space unhurriedly and interact with the watches without glass barriers. The experience may be self-guided or aided by a Panerai representative to the client’s preference. The boutique includes a VIP zone featuring soft, rounded furnishings and an oceanic influence that pervades the room, with walls covered in artisan-crafted variegated blue resin that evokes the kaleidoscopic hues of the sea. To complete Panerai’s heritage and aesthetic sensibility, the interiors feature furniture from Italian interior designers while a coffee bar sits on the upper level to offer a relaxing break.
Casa Panerai







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