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Panerai Experience

Embark on an extraordinary journey with the Panerai Xperiences Program, an exclusive offering that opens the door to a world of unparalleled adventures for owners of our Experience watches. Limited edition collections produced in no more than 50 pieces each, every watch is a symbol of an experience reserved only for the very few. Crafted with the spirit of Panerai's core pillars - Military, Adventure, Legacy, and Performance - this program invites you to immerse yourself in experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Every moment is unforgettable and designed to entertain, challenge, and forge bonds, drawing you into the very heart of Panerai's universe. Unmatched luxury from departure to return: business-class flights, the world's finest hotels and restaurants, access to exclusive venues and to the most secluded locations worldwide. Every moment is a highly personalized, prestigious experience.

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Upcoming Experiences

Luna Rossa Experience, Barcelona, September 2024

Feel the thrill of competition and extreme performance with the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team during their quest for 37th America's Cup held in Barcelona.
An Xperience that will give participants a privileged race access with the Luna Rosa Prada Pirelli team and let them live the competition from the inside, while fully embracing and enjoying the vibrancy and lifestyle of the Catalan culture. 
Submersible Tourbillon GMT Luna Rossa Experience Edition – PAM01405 – 20 pieces.

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Know more about past experiences

Submersible Chrono Navy SEALs Special Operations Experience Edition PAM01402

Panerai Special Operations Experience, Florida, March 2024

In 2022, Panerai initiated an extraordinary mission in Okeechobee, Florida, collaborating with the SEALs to offer participants a chance to endure intense training akin to the SEALs. A second immersive experience is taking place in March 2024 in Fort Pierce, Florida, securing another rigorous challenge. Submersible Chrono Navy SEALs Special Operations Experience Edition – PAM01402 – 50 pieces.

Annual Calendar Experience, Rome, March 2024

A never-seen side of Rome's cultural heritage and its hidden secrets on a journey into the eternal city.
Participants glided through historic streets, gained privileged access to monumental sites, and sipped coffee amidst aristocratic splendor.
This adventure brought participants face-to-face with the Eternal City's legacy, immersing in a marvel of art, architecture, and aristocracy.
Radiomir Annual Calendar Platinumtech™ Experience - PAM01432 - 24 pieces


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North Pole Experience with Mike Horn PAM00985

Luna Rossa Experience, Cagliari, October 2023

A journey into the heart of nautical excellence through two days of full immersion in the world of sport sailing. Participants toured the base, and trained alongside the Luna Rossa team, witnessing the demanding preparations for the 37th America's Cup. This exclusive behind-the-scenes access offered a rare glimpse into the synergy of design, skill, and sailing heritage. Luminor Chrono Carbotech™ Luna Rossa Experience - PAM01519 - 37 pieces

North Pole Experience with Mike Horn PAM00985

North Pole Experience with Mike Horn, November 2023

In the remote Arctic wilderness of Svalbard, participants joined explorer Mike Horn for a transformative Panerai experience.
Challenging activities pushed everyone to their limits, from dog sledding across the stark landscape to hiking treacherous terrains and navigating the wilderness by snowmobile.
This immersive journey was not just a test of physical endurance but also a profound encounter with nature's extremes, fostering a deeper appreciation for our planet's beauty.
Submersible Mike Horn Edition - PAM00985 - 21 pieces

Navy Seal Experiences PAM01521

Navy Seal Experience, Florida, November 2022

In 2022, Panerai initiated an extraordinary mission in Okeechobee, Florida, collaborating with the SEALs to offer participants a chance to endure intense training akin to the SEALs.
This included tactical exercises aimed at testing physical and mental limits, fostering a profound understanding and appreciation of the unit's valorous endeavours through simulations and tactical training.
Submersible Chrono Navy SEALs – PAM01521 – 40 pieces

Luminor Calendario Perpetuo Experience PAM01269

Perpetual Calendar Experience, Florence, September 2022

Amidst Tuscany's splendors, participants embraced the authentic Italian lifestyle in Florence, Panerai's historic birthplace.
They soared in hot air balloons over the Chianti region, savored wine at the Antinori Vineyard, and cruised the Tuscan hills in vintage cars.
This handcrafted journey through time showcased Tuscany's enduring treasures, mirroring the timeless elegance of the Luminor Goldtech™ Calendario Perpetuo.
Providing exclusive moments in hidden locales, it was a priceless adventure into the heart of Tuscan culture.
Luminor Calendario Perpetuo Experience - PAM01269 - 33 pieces

Italian Military Navy Experience PAM01238

Italian Military Navy Experience, Brindisi, 2022

A challenging 2-day journey at the Brigata Marina San Marco Fortress in Brindisi, Italy, within a restricted military zone.
Participants were engaged with intense activities on land, sea, and air.
They tested their mental and physical capacities to the greatest limits, redefining their personal boundaries and unlocking their inner strength.
Submersible Forze Speciali Experience - PAM01238 - 50 pieces

Eilean Experience PAM01244

Eilean Experience, Amalfi Coast, June 2022

An immersive three-day adventure along the legendary Italian Amalfi coast, where participants sailed the Tyrrhenian Sea aboard the vintage yacht Eilean, which is also Panerai’s moving address, and indulged in the coastal charm of Positano with luxury stays, fine dining in historic towers, and exclusive island visits. The experience is an embodiment of the Maison’s naval heritage and timeless style
Radiomir Eilean Experience - PAM01244 - 50 pieces

Polynesia Experience with Guillaume Néry PAM00983

Polynesia Experience with Guillaume Néry, September 2019

In the idyllic French Polynesia, participants lived a bespoke experience with former brand ambassador and free-diving legend Guillaume Néry.
Guided by Néry's profound marine philosophy, they dived alongside the legend, learning from his expertise.
Adding thrill to the adventure was whale-sighting in crystalline waters and the opportunity to interact with manta rays and lemon sharks.
Submersible Chrono Guillaume Nery Edition - PAM00983 - 16 pieces

Italian Navy Military Special Forces Experience PAM00961

Italian Navy Military Special Forces Experience, La Spezia, September 2019

A riveting 2-day journey at the Varignano Fortress in La Spezia, Italy, within a restricted military zone.
Participants were challenged with six intense activities on land, sea, and air, all under the vigilant supervision of Comsubin, the Italian Navy Military Special Forces.
They pushed their mental and physical capacities to the utmost limits, uncovering depths of potential they never knew they had. It was an adventure that redefined boundaries and tested resilience.
Submersible Marina Militare Carbotech™ - PAM00961 - 34 pieces