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One of the main characteristics of the Radiomir is its dial, of which several versions exist. One of the first to appear was the so-called “California” dial, with its distinctive alternation of Roman and Arabic numerals, bar markers and a railway track minute circle. But given the need to increase its visibility so that the commandos could use the watch in the most complete darkness, Panerai made the dial more luminous.


According to Duilio Signori, who worked for the company for more than 35 years and was a man trusted by the Panerai family, in order to increase the luminous effect, one of his colleagues manually adjusted the numerals with Radiomir paint, using a specially designed brush with a particularly sharp point. The quest for greater legibility later led to the creation of the distinctive Panerai dial, with its large Arabic numerals at the four cardinal points and long rectangular hour markers. Today Panerai reinterprets its own tradition and the dials of its contemporary models are inspired by the historic dials.