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Shanghai IAPM, No.999 Middle Huai Hai Road,IAPM L1-162 - Shanghai, China
Phone: +(86)4006977501
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Shanghai IAPM, the fourth and the biggest boutique in Shanghai, is enviously located within the transportation hub of Shanghai at the conjunction of Central Huaihai Road and South Shanxi Road. The structure of the building finds its architectural root in the city’s heritage “Shi Ku Men”, characterized by the meticulous combination of European and modern aesthetic elements together with a vast lush green space. It offers to Panerai’s collectors and customers a unique experience within the Panerai world. In the boutique, the classic Italian Design prevails with clean lines, minimalist decoration and the use of glass panels as well as walls to emphasize light and transparency. All materials have been carefully selected, while the design takes inspiration from the history and tradition of the Florentine watch brand: both the gold Calacatta marble flooring imported from Tuscany and the characteristic stucco wall finishing reflect Panerai’s strong Italian roots. Walls made of teak wood are curved to look like waves, honoring the brand’s link to the sea and its historical association with the Italian Navy. The uniqueness of the boutique as the nation’s only store with a build-in watchmaking workshop makes it stand out from the rest. Panerai watchmakers provide customers with the convenient maintenance and repair services, as reflective of Panerai’s dedication to details and quality on the front of customer services.
Shanghai IAPM