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Submersible Elux LAB-ID


Panerai Elux Pam01800

Introducing Submersible Elux LAB-ID concept watch

The new Submersible Elux LAB-ID PAM01800 is the result of 8 years of R&D in our Manufacture in Neuchâtel, the new timepiece is a concept watch and a showcase of innovations thanks to 4 dedicated patent applications.
The core of the new Elux LAB-ID is the luminescence and visibility in every light condition, thanks to the Power Light function that can be activated on demand for a total length of 30 minutes, by simply opening the patented pusher-protector system and click on the dedicated pusher located at 8 o’clock.
This energy illuminates the 12 indexes on the dial, the patented hands and the dot on the unidirectional rotating bezel. At 6 o’clock on the dial, the linear power reserve indicator shows the residual energy available for lighting up the watch.



Panerai Historical background

The historical background and the source of inspiration 

Building on Panerai innovations in the field of luminescence, such as the renowned Radiomir and Luminor compounds, the new Submersible Elux LAB-ID is the culmination of a journey that took the name from the historic patented Elux Panerai invention and the expression of the Laboratorio di Idee.
Elux, an abbreviation of ‘elettroluminescenza’ to mean electroluminescence, is a technology historically patented on June 15, 1966 by Panerai: Elux were originally retro-illuminated panels with electroluminescence technology, designed to enhance the luminescence of naval instruments of the Italian Navy.

Panerai Elux high technology

A concentrate of high technology & exclusivity

The new Elux LAB-ID is able to transform the mechanical energy stored into the barrels in luminosity to light up the dial indexes, the hands and the bezel.
This tool watch is fully mechanical and features 6 barrels and 4 patents * system, 50 bar (~500 meters) water resistance and a 30-minute power light feature, all encapsulated in a 49mm case diameter.
Completing the watch’s innovations are the indices and the hour hand accented with green Super-LumiNova® X2 now in a new grade that ensures a luminosity 10% higher than Super-LumiNova® X1 after 180 minutes in the dark**.
The blue-accented minute hands and dots on the bezel are illuminated by Super-LumiNova® X1. 

Panerai Ti-Ceramitech

Panerai Ti-Ceramitech™

PAM01800 is set in 49mm Ti-Ceramitech™ case, crafted from ceramized titanium, an innovative material developed by Panerai.
After 7 years of Research and Development, Panerai unveils a new material: Ti-Ceramitech™, a high-tech material resulting from a titanium ceramization process through Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation that transforms the titanium alloy surface into a dense ceramic layer: 44% lighter than steel and fracture toughness 10x higher than ceramic.

Panerai Elux Caliber

P.9010/EL Calibre

3 days automatic calibre made of 363 components with 6 barrels, of which 4 barrels dedicated to produce the energy required to ensure 30 minutes of on-demand Power Light function & 2 barrels dedicated to 3 days of time power reserve

Panerai Elux Energy Conversion

Energy conversion, mechanical energy into light

The compact 8 x 2.3 mm microgenerator features custom-made coils, magnets and a stator to optimize energy efficiency, it incorporates a high-speed rotor operating at 80 revolutions per second, generating 240 Hz high-frequency electrical signal

Panerai Elux Power Light

How to activate the Power Light function

The Power Light Function is activated thanks to a dedicated pusher located on the case at 8 o’clock, with a simple gesture of opening the patented pusher-protector system.
The protection ensures that the pusher is actioned only when needed, a fundamental security for a reliable & innovative instrument

Panerai Elux Bezel

Hands & Bezel lighting systems

Illuminating moving elements such as the hands (patented) and bezel marker (patent pending) was a particularly ambitious process.
Overcoming numerous challenges, Panerai has ingeniously conducted electricity to the bezel outside of the watch case while maintaining exceptional water resistance levels

LAB-ID stands for “Laboratorio di Idee”, representing the commitment for continuous search of innovative technical solutions to raise the standards & performance of our creations.
Since 2017 Panerai presented three concept watches.
These innovative timepieces introduced innovations in the field of materials, dials & movements. 

Today, Panerai unveils a new LAB-ID™ watch in 150 limited-edition pieces,  with an availability of 50 pieces per year over three years: Submersible Elux PAM01800 is fully mechanical and features 6 barrels and 4 patents* system, transforming the mechanical energy stored into the barrels in luminosity to light up the dial, the hands and the bezel.


* Blue ceramised Titanium patent and Bezel with luminescent index patent pending. Luminescent hands patent and Push button protection lever patent granted.
** according to the corresponding protocol described in the ISO 17514 norm.
Panerai is not the registered owner of the Super-LumiNova trademark.