Taipei 101


Taipei 101, Taipei 101 Shopping Mall, 1F, No. 45, ShiFu Road - Taipei, TAIWAN, CHINA
Phone: +886 2 8101 8118
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周一 上午11:00 — 下午9:30
周二 上午11:00 — 下午9:30
周三 上午11:00 — 下午9:30
周四 上午11:00 — 下午9:30
周五 上午11:00 — 下午10:00
周六 上午11:00 — 下午10:00
周日 上午11:00 — 下午9:30
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Taipei 101 flagship store is one of Panerai's few boutiques in the world that features an Italian bar. The Bar is more than just a place to rest, but also serves as a spacious environment for people to admire watches up close. The visitors could connect themselves to the Italian history and culture, including the ways they enjoy coffee. Through the blend of rich Italian flavours, Panerai hopes to create a relaxing, joyful, immersive, and multi-sensory shopping experience of the Italian culture.
Taipei 101