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Chengdu IFS, Shop F3-29, Chengdu International Finance Square Mall, 1 Hongxing Road, Jinjiang District - Chengdu, China
Phone: +(8628)86624476
now opening
opening hours
Mon 10:00 AM — 10:00 PM
Tue 10:00 AM — 10:00 PM
Wed 10:00 AM — 10:00 PM
Thu 10:00 AM — 10:00 PM
Fri 10:00 AM — 10:00 PM
Sat 10:00 AM — 10:00 PM
Sun 10:00 AM — 10:00 PM
special openings
days closed
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Located in the Chengdu IFS high-end shopping centre, the Panerai boutique offers collectors and customers the chance to experience the unique world of the Florentine brand. The boutique itself is decorated in a classic Italian style, with clean lines, minimalist designs and the use of glass panels and walls emphasising the light and airiness. All materials have been carefully selected, taking inspiration from the history and tradition of the brand and highlighting its Italian identity: both the gold Calacatta marble flooring imported from Tuscany and the iconic stucco wall finishing reflect Panerai’s strong Italian roots. Walls made of teak wood are curved to look like waves, honouring the brand’s link to the sea and its historical ties to the Italian Navy. A clock on the wall of the boutique offers a large-scale version of one of Panerai’s signature features: the sandwich structure of the legendary dial. This structure was invented in the late 1930s to guarantee perfect visibility and legibility of the watch even in underwater conditions. An exclusive VIP area in the boutique offers watch enthusiasts a more comfortable and private shopping atmosphere to discover the world of Panerai.
Chengdu IFS