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Avoid contact with water, chemical products such as solvents, detergents, perfumes, sunscreen, or other cosmetics, as they may accelerate the premature wear and damage your strap.



Avoid extended sun exposure, humidity, and exposure to sudden temperature changes, as they may alter the aesthetic uniformity and color of the leather.



Light color leather straps should be stored in a microfiber cloth or wrapped properly to protect from stains. Avoid using a colored fabric to avoid the color transferring. Make sure to store it away from artificial sources of heat.




Always rinse your metal bracelet, caoutchouc and textile strap under running lukewarm water after swimming.



Before cleaning the watch strap, it is best if you detach it from the watch case first. This will help protect the watch case and its components while you clean the strap.


To clean metal bracelet, caoutchouc and textile straps, use soapy water and a supple brush, then rinse it with clean water and dry it gently using a soft dry cloth. For textile straps, let it air-dry completely in a cool and dry area, out of direct sunlight and not placed on top of a heated surface such as a radiator. Do not use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. Doing so may cause the leather to dry out and crack.




For composite bracelet, chemical products such as alcohol and benzene are forbidden.



To replace your bracelet, strap or buckle, we encourage you to bring it to either a Panerai Boutique, Panerai Service center or a Panerai authorized retailer. Complimentary accessory fitting is offered to all our clients.



To maintain metal bracelets in optimal conditions, we recommend cleaning it periodically. Also, to reduce the effects of wear, we advise you to keep your watch fitted close to the wrist