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Leather care instruction


Leather is a natural material, its beauty and longevity must be preserved. The following practical tips will help protect your accessory during everyday use:

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Avoid contact with water, chemical products such as solvents, detergents, perfumes, sunscreen, or other cosmetics, as they may accelerate the premature wear and damage your strap.



Avoid extended sun exposure, humidity, and exposure to sudden temperature changes, as they may alter the aesthetic uniformity and color of the leather.



Light color leather straps should be stored in a microfiber cloth or wrapped properly to protect from stains. Avoid using a colored fabric to avoid the color transferring. Make sure to store it away from artificial sources of heat.



 Accessories care instructions


Your accessory metal components are mainly made of bronze however, there are parts made of brass and iron as well. All the metal components have golden and black golden finish. Black golden finish is partially removed to give the product a vintage look.


Black golden finish is a removable finish which may slowly vanish due to wear and tear. Therefore, it is worth remembering the below practical tips that will help protect your accessory during everyday use.

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To remove the fingerprints from the surface, use a soft microfiber cloth (do not use special cleaning cloths for bronze, brass, or precious metals, as they may leave scratches on the polished surface).


Avoid using household cleaning products such as polishing cloths, pastes, and liquids as it will cause scratches on the surface.


It is recommended to remove the accessories before going to sleep, before practicing any sporting activity, before the hand wash, shower, or bath (sea, swimming pool, etc.) or during corrosive products use.


In order not to lose or damage the accessories, carefully place them in their original packaging after use, avoiding contact with other jewelry as this could cause scratches. The chains must be closed and extended to prevent them from tangling. Do not wrap them in plastic or other packing material, as this will cause an uneven patina to develop on the surface.


Avoid forcing closures, hinges and metal elements and make sure that the safety closures work correctly.