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Casa Paris, 120 Avenue des Champs-Elysées - Paris, FRANCE
Phone: +33(0)170611660
now opening
opening hours
週一 上午10:30 — 下午7:00
週二 上午10:30 — 下午7:00
週三 上午10:30 — 下午7:00
週四 上午10:30 — 下午7:00
週五 上午10:30 — 下午7:00
週六 上午10:30 — 下午7:00
週日 下午12:00 — 下午7:00
special openings
The boutique is open :
Wednesday 08 May from 12.00 pm to 07.00 pm
Thursday 09 May from 12.00 pm to 7.00 pm
days closed
Distance: Km
In a historical mid-19th-century building, Panerai unveils its new Casa Panerai, nestled in the heart of Paris at 120 Avenue Des Champs Elysées. Drawing inspiration from both French baroque elements and the clean, essential lines typical of Italian rationalism, the new boutique reflects the emblematic charm of the city with its antique-style moldings and classic Parisian façade, keeping intact the spirit of the original architectural details. A renewal venture steeped in a restoration that magnifies the soul of the space. At the core of this venture lies a deep-seated respect for artisan craftsmanship, a commitment mirrored in every facet of the boutique’s design. The Parisian store, the largest in France, covers over 200 sqm. The design team created a space beyond just shopping — it’s a home for Panerai’s clients and those who wish to learn more about the Maison. Here, everyone is a special guest, stepping into a living narrative that showcases Panerai’s rich history through a 360-degree experience. The goal is to make everyone feel at home, deeply connected to the brand’s story, merging tradition and innovation. In this breathing space the Bar Italiano is a dedicated space that functions as a café and drink bar, and an homage to the Italian tradition of aperitivo, inviting customers to savour the art of conviviality. In a bold departure from the usual, the windows remain devoid of products. Instead, the emphasis is on discovery. From the moment clients enter the boutique, they are greeted at the reception, making each visitor’s experience personal and tailored. Guests are then escorted to one of five exclusive suites, designed to offer an in-depth experience of the Panerai world, including an area dedicated to smaller sizes, featuring soft, rounded furnishings with walls covered in artisan-crafted variegated blue resin that evokes the kaleidoscopic hues of the sea. The iconic luminescent clock is present, a fully operational timepiece reflecting Panerai’s enduring theme of luminescence. Enhancing the boutique’s immersive environment is the large LED wall that spans two floors elevating the in-store experience. Every contour, including the restored moldings as well the materials used throughout the boutique, have been carefully selected to honour the spirit of the building. This is particularly evident in the details of the staircase. The wood used in the stairs mirrors the existing materials, while the custom design of the staircase is crafted by a French blacksmith based on sketches and plans approved by Panerai. A remarkable detail is the brass ‘P’ subtly embedded in the staircase structure, referencing Panerai’s iconic logo. Along the staircase, guests will discover various frames containing representations of past Panerai watch patents and vintage advertisements. Casa Panerai Paris also features a museum section on the first floor dedicated to showcasing Panerai’s most historical collection pieces. The continuous merge of classic and modern elements continues across different levels of the boutique, with the ground floor featuring a replicated parquet flooring that matches the design language of the original flooring on the upper level. Two original fireplaces have also been restored and are matched with furnishings handpicked from renowned Italian brands.
Casa Paris





沿著樓梯,顧客會發現各種展示框,其中包含沛納海昔日的腕錶專利和復古廣告。「Casa Panerai Paris」專賣店的一樓還設有博物館區,專門展示沛納海最具歷史意義的珍藏級腕錶。



Casa Panerai Milano