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The new Officine Panerai Manufacture is an exceptional example of eco-sustainability: using the most modern technologies, every activity – from the management of its spaces to the use of resources – is subjected to meticulous attention so that they respect the environment and reduce waste to a minimum.

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The new Panerai manufacturing complex at Neuchâtel is unmatched in terms of environmental sustainability. Complying with the highest international standards, the new structure has been designed so as to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to zero, and not only that; the building is also equipped with the most modern devices for energy saving and the recovery and reuse of waste materials.

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The quality of Officine Panerai’s commitment to the environment means that the company exceeds the requirements of any international regulatory organisation and this has been confirmed by the important international certifications obtained, including its recent admission to the Responsible Jewellery Council, the organisation which promotes ethical behaviour and sustainability in the context of the production and sale of watches and jewellery.

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  • Eco-Sustainability
  • Eco-Sustainability
  • Eco-Sustainability



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