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Straps Collection

White Rubber

As brilliantly white as the Italian Navy uniform, alongside a dial in the same intense blue as Mediterranean Sea, the Panerai 1085 with a white rubber strap is a celebration of the Italian Mare Nostrum heritage. It is a sporty accessory that seamlessly merges tradition and innovation.


Blue Recycled PET

Make a sustainable choice: join Panerai in safeguarding the health of our seas. Recycled PET is a light, strong and resistant material designed to minimize the environmental impact of plastic bottles. Panerai recycled PET straps and stitching are made from plastic waste collected before it could pollute the Mediterranean Sea.


Blue-White NATO Kit

As clarion blue as the horizon that guides nautical navigators, the Panerai NATO Collection is built for those who explore the deep sea with ease. These straps are made from a single piece of polyamide woven from synthetic fibers for excellent tensile strength and abrasion resistance. The linear design is completed by sleek metal loops.


Blue Alligator

The supple touch of alligator is the quintessence of refinement. It is among the most luxurious and highly prized leathers and is increasingly sought-after. Nothing could be a better fit for the most iconic of watches, a statement of refined taste combined with the strictest technical standards. At Panerai, we have gone the extra mile by adding ultra-thin padding to our exotic straps because a slim formal timepiece should have a strap to match.


Laboratorio di Idee