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Canvas blu profondo

Like any true hero, the Canvas Blu Profondo strap doesn’t back away from a challenge. Always comfortable and durable, the Blu Profondo version of the Luminor Marina Goldtech Sole Blu possesses a classic profile that perfectly suits any situation.  


Ponte Vecchio Cioccolato

The Ponte Vecchio Cioccolato strap endows the Luminor Marina Goldtech Sole Blu with the eternal elegance of Italian style. The leather strap of this iconic watch is the synthesis of strength and pure sophistication.


Alligator espresso

An alligator espresso strap is not only the perfect complement for an iconic watch but it is also an emblem of authentic Italian refinement. The alligator skin, in its espresso colored version, is a symbol of timeless beauty and perfectly aligns with the elegance of the Luminor Marina Goldtech Sole Blu.


Alligator blu profondo

The perfect example of innate grace, the alligator Blu Profondo strap represents a tradition of a superb leather workmanship and the strong presence of the timeless color blue. It is a celebration of the supreme appeal of the Italian lifestyle.




Laboratorio di Idee