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A Digital Passport for Our Watches

Panerai is thrilled to introduce a Digital Passport for every watch bought from 3rd October, a revolutionary feature that premiered at the Watches and Wonders event in Shanghai, and underscores Panerai's dedication to innovation, security, and supreme customer service. The new Digital Passport provides each watch with a unique digital identity, established and accessible only via blockchain technology, offers tamper-proof proof of authenticity from the moment of purchase. It also ensures a trustworthy and protected environment for trade in the pre-owned market, as the digital documentation is easily transferable to subsequent owners.

Accompanying your watch throughout its lifespan, the Digital Passport records details, from technical specifications to owner genealogy, creating a comprehensive digital archive, allowing you to leverage blockchain's capabilities for a smooth, transparent interaction with Panerai.

Obtaining this digital certification is as straightforward as the standard procedure for extending your watch’s warranty. Visit any Panerai boutique or navigate the process online via the PAM.Guard application. By scanning the QR Code on your warranty card, and activating your watch’s Digital Passport, you will gain instant access to all certified data related to your timepiece. Should you decide to pass on your cherished watch, whether as a treasured gift, an inheritance, or a sale, the Digital Passport ensures a seamless transfer through the PAM.Guard platform, safeguarding your watch's legacy.