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Panerai’s Sailing Ambassador Eilean, a masterpiece of boat restoration

First discovered in disrepair on the island of Antigua in 2006, the two-masted ketch Eilean was brought to Italy by Panerai for a complete restoration. After 3 years of work, Eilean's launch ceremony was held in 2009 at the Sailing Section of the Italian Navy.  The master shipwrights and artisans of Francesco Del Carlo’s Tuscan boatyard gave the seafaring gem a new lease on life while exampling the meticulous art of classic boat restoration.



First built in 1936 by the Fife Shipyard in Scotland, Eilean’s original forms, characteristics and even many of her materials were faithfully preserved by Panerai’s partner master craftsmen. Largely used to sail along the west coast of Scotland, Eilean’s design features the signature of William Fife III – one of the most legendary yacht builders in the history of sailing. The name of the Fife and Son Shipyard still holds a magical quality in the sailing world, denoting design elegance and remarkable craftsmanship.


Radiomir Otto Giorni PAM01347 has a grainy-shaded dark brown dial. All the dials transition from a light center to a darker gradient at the edges to give depth to its grainy appearance. Every Radiomir Otto Giorni case is hand-finished one by one to create a seasoned look, giving each watch a unique character. 

Every Radiomir Otto Giorni case presents an aged steel treatment called Brunito. This is a hand-applied finishing, obtained from a meticulous process that differentiates one case from another. Coating the case with a black PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), it is then polished away, leaving behind a one-of-a-kind appearance inspired by the ageing process of metal.


The hand-wound P.5000 calibre powers the Radiomir Otto Giorni and features an eight- day power reserve, a long power reserve used historically by Panerai. The iconic 8 days movement is visible thanks to the open case-back in sapphire crystal. A distinctive element and DNA of the brand, the long power reserve was vital for the Panerai pieces.


Radiomir Tre Giorni PAM01335 adopts the time-honored codes of its forebears — cushion-shaped case, slim wire lugs, signature sandwich dial — in a contemporary watch that fortifies the Radiomir legend and promises to enthrall true connoisseurs of the Panerai story. 


The Radiomir Tre Giorni PAM01335 reference offers a monochromatic expression of the watch,  in muted deep blue. The dial and strap share the neutral hue. The supple calf leather strap has a pebbled character and contrasting beige stitching highlights their careful vintage construction. 


The hand-wound P.6000 calibre powers the Radiomir Tre Giorni and features a three-day power reserve. Its balance, which oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour, is securely fixed by a bridge with twin supports.  



Navigation is indispensable to a sailor: wind, coordinates, and time are necessary to determine a boat’s positioning at sea. As American author John Rousmaniere once said, “The goal is not to sail the boat, but rather to help the boat sail herself,” a goal that can only be achieved with the proper instruments and training. Panerai’s rich history with the Italian navy and navigation has become the essence of the brand, now proudly embodied by its sailing ambassador Eilean.



First created for Eilean’s return to the sea in 2018, Officine Panerai’s unique edition of navigation instruments for her included a barometer, hygrometer, thermometer and a wall clock made of stainless steel, each customized with the Eilean logo. As well, the master watchmaker created an exclusive edition of Marine Chronometer timepieces featuring an innovative suspension system: enabling the clock to remain in a horizontal position at all times, the watch’s face is upright regardless of the pitching and rolling of the boat.