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Luminor Quaranta

Luminor Quaranta

The Luminor Quaranta collection captures the aesthetic of the Luminor collection in a smaller case dimension, 40mm. The new Luminor Quaranta features a discrete minuterie inspired by early 2000s watches, along with distinctive elements that define the Luminor line, such as the cushion-shaped case and the signature crown-protecting device with lever, “REG. T.M.”, registered trademark engraved upon it.

GMT BiTempo function

GMT BiTempo function

The GMT function allows the reading of local time and a second time zone simultaneously on a single watch. GMT is short for Greenwich Mean Time, the time at the Greenwich Royal Observatory, which is the universal reference point for calculating time zones. The ‘BiTempo’ inscription, meaning “dual time” in Italian, at 6 o’clock accentuates the Maison’s Italian roots.



GMT 3 Days Automatic
Second time zone
Stop Seconds reset
Automatic mechanical
One barrel, 186 components

PAM Click Release System

PAM Click Release System™

This new system allows for easy switching with the timepiece’s second black rubber strap without any tool. The strap is removed from the case by simply applying pressure on the back of the strap near the case attachment, affixing it again just as easily.

Panerai GoldtechTM

Panerai Goldtech™

Panerai Goldtech™ is a gold material developed by Panerai that includes a combination of platinum and copper, giving an intense red appearance and resistance to tarnishing.