Panerai in partnership with IOC-UNESCO launches “Panerai Ocean Conservation Initiative”, a groundbreaking project in favor of ocean preservation.



A two-year collaboration with IOC-UNESCO —the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO-- to develop the “Ocean Literacy” program in the framework of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030).


What is the “Ocean Literacy” initiative?

It is a global educational and awareness-raising programme to empower diverse stakeholders to become agent of change and ocean stewards.


Based on the scientific evidence highlighted by “Ocean Literacy”, the partnership program will leverage on the three pillars:  Education, citizen science and industry involvement.


The first take is on education, and Panerai has launched a worldwide plan to sensibilize and educate thousands of students on the importance of the ocean and its direct commitment into it. 


One hundred universities in the world have been selected to present the project and involve young generations into concrete actions.  The lectures will be held by a Panerai representative, and they will be about “Sustainability at Panerai” including the “Ocean literacy”.

The goal is to explain to students how a luxury brand like Panerai can be a concrete actor against climate change and ocean pollution as well as stimulate students to think about the ocean in a different way but mainly to become active agents of change. This is the essence of ocean literacy: Transforming ocean knowledge into action.




In addition, students and professors will have the possibility to participate in a plastic collection day organized in each country by the brand to actively contribute to the environmental health of the place where they live, but also to sensibilize on the plastic pollution problem. The selected degree courses are Sustainability, Marketing & Business, Marine Science, Engineering and Biology.


The activation starts in March and is open for the entire first academic semester.

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