Luminor Due Rubber Straps

The Luminor Due collection takes inspiration from the recognizable Luminor case, reworked and translated under a design-oriented way of thinking. Pure expression of Italian design, faithful to the original aesthetics but with a cosmopolitan approach, Panerai introduces for the first time on this collection an assortment of Rubber straps. A new shape has been specifically designed for this collection, conceived to emphasize dynamicity and to inspire a sporty chic attitude. Available for Luminor Due 38mm and 42mm, the straps are declined in 5 colours: Black, White, Military green, Dark blue, Red and a new exclusive Pink for the Luminor Due 38mm.

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Remove and replace your strap in a split second


These novelties feature the Panerai PAM Click release system™  allowing to change the look of the watch in few seconds, offering versatility and making Luminor Due a must have for every occasions. The PAM Click™ allows the straps to be replaced without the use of any additional tool: with simple pressure applied on the button on the back of the strap near the attachment, it is easy to hook and release the strap from the case.

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