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Boutique of Milan

From the outside, the Panerai logo, bold, and distinct, synchronizes with the expansive, transparent windows, while the Maison’s iconic luminescent clock that greets visitors upon entry is an unmistakable nod to the brand’s DNA, underscoring the enduring theme of luminescence. Enhancing the boutique’s immersive environment is the eye-catching LED wall. This feature amplifies the in-store experience while simultaneously drawing attention from beyond the windows. As much a part of the boutique’s interior as its exterior, the LED wall serves as a lighthouse, visually guiding customers into the world of Panerai.

The boutique’s ground floor welcomes the guests showcasing Panerai’s iconic timepieces. The collections are harmoniously displayed along the walls, on the counter and on tower cabinets made of dark wood and green, blue, or black marble, hues that reflect Maison’s inherent spirit and aesthetic.

Upon ascending to the first floor, the impact of the timeline design feature is immediately apparent. This immersive approach offers a visual overview of Panerai’s rich history and evolution, engaging customers in an informative journey through the brand’s legacy that leads up to the final stage of the opening of Milan Casa Panerai.

The first floor is a plush area equipped with low tables, armchairs, a bar, and a client counter. At the heart of the space is the ‘Bar Italiano’, which offers not only a casual space for customers to relax with a coffee or a drink but also an additional showcasing and selling space.

Underlining the brand’s Italian DNA, the boutique is furnished in Italian pieces, anchored by the exclusive reproduction of the original piece of the Pavone chandelier by Gio Ponti, that hovers above the bar counter.