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Whenever your timepiece needs to be checked, a technical diagnosis can be made by one of our authorized service centers. The watchmaker will thoroughly examine each part, test the chronometry, each function and the water resistance. A detailed cost estimate will be made considering the condition of the watch, its history and your request. You will find below an overview of our Panerai service offer.



Your watch should be checked periodically for water-resistance, not only for usage in water but also to protect it from external humidity and dust. We recommend to have it renewed every two years with regular servicing, or whenever the watch has to be opened. Restoring the watch’s water-resistance necessarily involves a full dismantling, washing and replacing all seals. If the watch is used in underwater sports activities, it is recommended that it should be checked every year before the season of underwater activities begins.



The polishing is an optional service aiming at restoring the aesthetical aspect of your watch and its bracelet. During the process, the metal surfaces are skillfully polished while preserving the original shape of each component. Since the case has to fully dismantled, the water resistance will be renewed after the polishing.



Have the movement of your watch checked periodically by an Authorized Panerai Service Center so as to maintain its perfect operation. If the watch tends to gain or lose time significantly, the movement may need to be overhauled. The service frequency depends on the use of the watch and the environment in which it is worn. As a general we recommend a complete revision every 4-5 years.


Certificate of Authenticity

We certify the authenticity of your Panerai watch at our Manufacture in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Every watch is carefully inspected and verified by our highly qualified Panerai watchmakers. Each individual certificate of authenticity is issued in paper format as well as in digital format powered by blockchain technology. The digital certificate of authenticity can be consulted, shared, and transferred to a new owner in the case of resale.





Each watch is identified and registered upon reception. The watchmaker will thoroughly examine each part, test the chronometry, each function and the water resistance according to the model's specifications.



The strap or bracelet is detached from the watch. The case is opened and completely disassembled. The movement is removed and taken apart. Every metal component of the case is placed in specific ultrasonic baths to be degreased and washed. The most delicate parts will be manually cleaned one by one with a clearly-defined procedure.



During the process, the metal surfaces are skillfully polished while preserving the original shape of each component. When applicable, some deep marks can be laser-treated to order recover the best possible appearance.



The case is fully reassembled with the freshly cleaned parts. All the seals are replaced by new ones on the case back, the crystal, the tube and the crown in order to secure the water resistance and protect it from external humidity and dust.



Every movement component is placed in washing containers designed specifically to avoid scratching, then in ultrasonic baths to be degreased and cleaned. Each part of the movement is meticulously examined. Worn components are replaced by original ones or by technical upgrade to the latest movement version is performed, if applicable.


The movement is reassembled step by step using its specific Panerai instructions and tools. The watchmaker will oil every lubrication point to smooth the friction between the mechanical parts and optimize the energy transmission.


Before fitting the strap or bracelet, all watches are tested to water resistance tests. First with air compression to detect the most significant leaks and then directly into water simulating the maximum's depth allowed for the watch model. During the final check, the power reserve, timing accuracy and aesthetic appearance are verified one last time using manufacturing specifications to guarantee the highest possible standard of quality.



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