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Panerai commitment to innovation and technical expertise set the stage to innovative and high-tech materials,
enhanced every year through the research and development of the Laboratorio di Idee within the Manufacture in Neuchâtel.


Panerai Ti-Ceramitech

Panerai Ti-Ceramitech™

Behold Ti-Ceramitech™, Panerai merges titanium's lightness with ceramic's resilience through a titanium ceramization process, resulting in a new patent application with a distinctive blue hue.
It's an innovative leap, 44% lighter than steel with a fracture toughness 10 times higher than ceramic.

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Bronzo is a material which owes its charm to the aged look it develops over time, giving every watch its peculiar character.
Its distinctive appearance is suggestive of the sea world to which Panerai is historically linked.

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Panerai Carbotech™

Panerai Carbotech ™ is the lightest materials in Panerai’s rich assortment.
With a composite structure made of high performing long carbon fibers, the material has a distinctive design, giving each watch a peculiar character.

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Panerai Goldtech™

Panerai Goldtech™is a special gold alloy with an intensely red shade.
With a distinctive usage of copper and platinum, the material is in fact harder and more resistant than standard pink or yellow gold.

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Panerai Platinumtech™

Developed exclusively by Panerai, this special alloy is 80% harder than regular platinum.
With a specifically engineered treatment process, the material offers a higher scratch resistance.

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Panerai BMG-Tech ™

Panerai BMG-Tech ™ is a metallic glass made from a special alloy for exceptional robustness.
Its resistance to corrosion, external shocks, and magnetic fields ensures the watch remains virtually unchanged over time.

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Panerai Steel


Panerai's steadfast commitment to strength and reliability shines through steel usage. For today's cases it’s used AISI 316LVM grade 1.4441 stainless steel for its superior resistance to corrosion and its readiness for adventure.

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Panerai Titanium


Engineered for the fearless, Panerai's use of grade 5 Titanium reflects an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio. 40% lighter and 60% harder than stainless steel, it's a material for modern heroes who demand the utmost in resilience and performance.

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The ceramic used by Panerai is a synthetic ceramic based on Zirconium Oxide powder.
Through a complex series of working and finishing operations, it results in a matt finish and hard resistance to scratches, corrosive agents, and high temperatures.